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Bomb scare forces British plane to make emergency landing in Italy

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August 18th, 2006

ROME – A British passenger plane had to make an emergency landing in Brindisi in south Italy due to a bomb scare, according to early reports by the Italian news agency Ansa.

The plane is said to belong to low-cost airline Excel and was flying from Gatwick to Hurghada, Egypt. The 767 plane was searched by police as soon as it landed in Brindisi. Police said the bomb scare occurred after a passenger found a note in a seat that a bomb had been placed onboard the plane.

BBC reports that Matthew Masters, a passenger on the plane, said that the pilot announced that there may be a bomb on the plane, two hours after take-off. “The crew came round just to double check everything then the pilot made an announcement saying that there was a message that a bomb was on the plane so he said he was…diverting to an Italian airport,” he said.

An Italian fighter jet escorted the plane to the airport where it was met by emergency services as well as anti-terrorist officers. The head of police in Brindisi, Salvatore De Paulis confirmed that it was the discovery of the note, which made the pilot request an emergency landing. The plane is being searched, but so far it is unclear if any bomb has been recovered.
The plane is carrying around 280 passengers.

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