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Your e-mails: ‘This man is seeking 15 minutes of fame’

by editor2
August 22nd, 2006

(CNN) — The arrest in Thailand of John Mark Karr, suspected of killing JonBenet Ramsey nearly 10 years ago, has shocked the nation. We asked our readers for their thoughts on this case.

I think this man is seeking his 15 minutes of fame and had nothing to do with this case. My heart goes out to the Ramsey family. JonBenet deserves more than this.
Nicole D., St. Paul, Minnesota

I believed the Ramseys were innocent from day one. DNA evidence will tell the truth. The Boulder police never looked at any one other than the Ramseys. They did the right thing by obtaining attorneys right away. Its time to give this family peace. I believe John Ramsey’s statement of the crime, is exactly as it happened. Look to see if Mr. Karr ever owned a taser. He’s a real sicky!
Julie Pequignot, Fort Wayne, Indiana……………………….

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