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A Russian Jet Crashed in the Thunderstorm

by editor2
August 23rd, 2006

The three-engine Tu-154M crashed near a village of Sukhaya Balka, 45km from Donetsk, Ukraine. There wasn’t much left of the plane, as the fire consumed everything that could burn. Only the tail, engines and a fraction of fuselage with the letters OV (from Pulkovo) remained relatively intact.

The locals, who witnessed the tragedy, say a thunder storm began at first, a strong wind arose and there was a heavy shower with the rain falling almost horizontally because of the wind. They heard booming after a while – a jet came up from the clouds, heading directly at them.

“It fell down from the peak. Moving by wide circles, it went into a spin,” the witnesses say. “We thought the crew managed to lead the jet out of descending just before the land. It looked like it started steering out, but the altitude was not enough. The jet smashed into the hill near the lake, there was an awful explosion and the fire began.”

The village boys insist they saw the jet on fire in time of descending, but the grown-ups don’t believe. Emergency officers also don’t think the plane caught fire in the air, saying the fire started when the jet hit the earth.

Rescuers worked all night long, gathering scattered bodies, packing them into black plastic bags and forwarding them to Donetsk for identification. No more than ten bodies have been identified so far.

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