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Paris Hilton supposedly hacked into the voicemails of several people

by admin
August 23rd, 2006

These days either you love Paris Hilton or hate her. This latest news
on the internet about her is funny. Are you ready for this?Ms. Hilton was allegedly dropped from a company called Spoofcard. For
those who don’t know what that is, it is a company that has similar
features as a Caller Id box.
She supposedly hacked into the voicemails of several people including
Lindsey Lohan.  I know what you are thinking ? The name Paris Hilton
and hacker don’t really belong together.

Let’s get real for a second. Yes, Paris Hilton can be shallow, two
faced, plastic, and superficial. But let’s face it even though you may
hate her the one thing I will say about Ms.Hilton is that she is not a

To be a hacker would require computer skills. I think the only thing
she know how to do on a computer is pretty much what a regular person
would know. I don’t think she went on line found out how to hack a

Why would she do this? Exactly. She may appear as an airhead but she
does make very smart career decisions except for the singing the jury
is still out on that one. I don’t think she wants to add Hacker to her

Source : Paris Hilton News

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