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Jackson’s Neverland Burned Down

by editor2
August 28th, 2006

Michael Jackson’s plans to sell his ranch will have to wait a little longer, if not canceled for good. His Neverland property was covered with blazing flames on Friday.

About 40 acres of the singer’s land were dried out on Friday, with a fire getting within a quarter-mile close of the Santa Ynez compound’s main residence.

Jeff Ross, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department spokesman said that none the buildings got damaged even though the structures were within the fire area. The animals at the ranch were unharmed as well.

“The fire is fully contained at 40 acres” on the nearly 2,500-acre ranch, said Captain Keith Cullom, a Santa Barbara County fire department spokesman.

“It’s pretty much been knocked down. It’s not really moving much at this point.” He added.

Michael Jackson was nowhere to be found at the time. Water-dropping helicopters and over 100 firefighters fought to restrict the area and stop the fire from spreading and eventually have it extinguished.
It wasn’t immediately clear how the fire had started. The fire burned on a grassy area below a ridge and had consumed about 250 acres, or less than half of a square mile, Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Padilla said.

The star has been living in Bahrain since the child molestation scandal last summer when he was declared innocent. Earlier this June he said he had plans of moving out to Europe and meantime start working on another music album.

The property’s main house was closed down in March after Jackson was ordered to pay out $306,000 back wages for the ranch workers. The employees were also given orders not to get back to work until they would receive their money and Jackson will provide them with an insurance.

Michael Jackson’s “Neverland Ranch” home is one of the few parts of his life that he has not shared with the world. Jackson bought the ranch in 1998 for $14.6 million and it spreads over 1000 ha of land.

An unknown source told a magazine that “Jackson’s elephant sold to a big wheel (circus) near Los Angeles. It’s also true that Jackson has four giraffes up for sale. His asking price: $35,000 a pair.”

After a 2003 police search, Jackson said he would no longer live at Neverland.  However, he returned in late 2004 for a final farewell.

“I won’t live there ever again,” Jackson said. “It’s a house now. It’s not a home anymore. I’ll only visit.”

The star had plans of selling his property in October 2005. He was hoping to get $22 million, to at least pay off a part of his debts.

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