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Kidnapper told victim parents had refused to pay a ransom for her

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August 31st, 2006

The kidnapper of the Austrian teenager Natascha Kampusch led her to believe he had demanded a huge ransom from her parents but claimed they had never responded during her eight years in captivity, her father has said.

Natascha, 18, is living in what police described as a safe location after escaping her abductor who had seized her when she was 10 and held her in a converted car-inspection pit beneath his garage.

Her father, Ludwig Koch, said her abductor, 44- year-old Wolfgang Priklopil, told her that her parents had repeatedly refused to pay a ransom demand he claimed he had made.

Mr Koch, who was briefly reunited with his daughter last week, told the N24 television network that Natascha had said of Priklopil: “He wanted 13m schillings from you, but you didn’t respond; you couldn’t be reached.” Mr Koch said Priklopil appeared to have convinced his daughter that her parents had lost interest in her.

His disclosures offered a partial explanation about why Natascha had apparently never attempted to flee before. He probably deceived her about her parents in an attempt to make her wholly dependent on him.

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