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Norovirus sickened 46 crew members and 338 passengers

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December 5th, 2006

More then 380 sick and crew aboard the world’s largest cruise ship were sickened by a virus during a 7days Caribbean cruise, officials of cruise said on sunday that NOrovirus sickened 46 crew members and 338 passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas, and there was over the counter medication,The Miami vased company said.

The ship,Which had roughly 1300 crew members and 3800 passengers where returned on Sunday as scheduled to the port of Miami.Crew members sanitised frequently touched surfaces such as railings, door handles and elevator buttons after the short-lived outbreak began, officials said. A guest previously exposed to norovirus likely brought it on board on November 26, the company said.

Noroviruses, characterised by stomach flu-like symptoms, affect about 23 million Americans annually, according to the US Centre for Disease Control.An outbreak struck more than 700 passengers and crew members aboard a trans-Atlantic cruise last month on the Carnival Cruise Lines’

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