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Did Kareena bump into Abhishek?

by satish
August 30th, 2007

Did Kareena bump into Abhishek?

Stepping on stage in a blue layered dress that looked like a cake was Kareena Kapoor.The Bollywood babe was there at a five-star hotel as a brand ambassador of a fashion retail chain for youngsters.There was champagne,too,but she did not drink,only smiled for the cameras and uttered her words of wisdom-“I’m very style-conscious.” Carefully painted red nails,high heels and that gorgeous dress certainly made that evident Bebo!
Before she came on stage,there was a dance act.Meanwhile,elsewhere in the hotel,Abhishek Bachchan was busy in a shoot for one of the brands that he endorses.Wonder whether AB and KK bumped into one another.

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