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Masumesh is Miss Khiladi!

by satish
August 30th, 2007

Masumesh is Miss Khiladi!

We may talk about female actors taking on action roles,and actress Masumeh Makhija is set to do just that. Having bagged three Sanjay Gupta films-Alibaug, Dus Kahaniyaan,and an untitled project-Masumeh,we hear,is learning,Muay Thai,a martial art form that is known by only one actor in the country-Akshay Kumar.Mahumeh Apparently is trained in Karate,Tai Chi and Kickboxing. Now we are left wondering whether we will see her taking on all those baddies in he movies and will other actresses ‘follow her example soon?But while we will have to wait for all these answers,one thing is for sure,anybody who is thinking of missing around with her,ought to think twice.

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