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More DA for Govt Staff

by laxman
August 31st, 2007

Government employees can look forward to the coming festival season with the union Cabinet on Thursday approviding the decision to release additional dearness allowance to Central staff and also dearness relief to pensioners.

Central government employeea and pensioners will get 6 per cent more dearness allowance astep that would entail a burden of Rs 2,189.96 crore during the rest of the current financial year and Rs 3,284.94 in a full year.

The increase in DA will be effective july1. 2007. The ratio DA from July 1 will now be 41 per cent for all Central employees, constituting an increase of 6 per cent over the existing 35 per cent I&B minister P R Dasmunsi said after the Cabinet meeting.

The Cabinet’s approval would cost the government Rs 3,285 crore in a fully year.

Thursday’s decision comes amid the ongoing process of wages revision for the staff under the Sixth pay Commission.

The 12-monthly average of the All india Consumer Price Index, on which the DA is calculated, works out to be 587.62

points during the period ended june 2007, up 91.82 per cent over the base index of 306.33 points.

Fifty per cent of DA had been merged with basic pay with effect from April 1, 2004.

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