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TVS to sue Bajaj Auto for ‘malicious’ changes

by praveen
September 3rd, 2007

Chennai-based two wheeler maker TVS Suzuki on Sunday strongly refuted charges that it stole technology from its Pune-based competitor Bajaj Auto.

TVS Motor said it would press libel charges on Bajaj Auto for making malicious allegation, as it felt Bajaj’s motive was to damage its reputation. Says a TVS spokespersons: “We have advised our lawyers to put Bajaj Auto on notice that unless the malicious allegations are withdrawn and regrets expressed, to file a suit for damages in a sum of Rs 250 core.”

On Saturday, India’s second largest two two-wheeler maker Bajaj Auto had said that it planned to sue TVS suzuki for stealing its patented technology that made made motorcycle faster and fuel efficient. it claimed that it had an international as well as local patent for a design that allowed the use of two spark piugs in small-sized motorcycle engines, branded ‘DTSi’ technology. A Bajaj Auto spokesperson said TVS had clearly infringed on its patents by using two spark plugs and also designing an engine similar in size and construction to its own engine.
Bajaj charged TVS days after it launched its latest model Flame, which according to the company sports a new technology developed by its research department. though the engine is fo a similar size and has two technology, TVS says that its technology does not infringe Bajaj’s patent in anyway.

A statement released by the TVS company said that the concept of using twin spark plugs in motorcycles is old and existed even before Bajaj introduced it in India. Using two spark plugs in bikes cannot besaid to be Baja’s proprietary technology. says H S Goindy senior vice-president, TVS: “That the allegation of Bajaj Auto is ridiculous can be established by their own admission that the invention in issue, namely the application of twins spark plugs, is a known prior art.” an industry official says the fracas over technology should be seen in positive light. Until now, the Indian companies copied or improvised on existing technology. With a competitive market scenario, which has several MNC players, developing own technology has become a key driver for the business. Since Indian companies are putting a lot of money in R&D, he feels fights over technology will bring in more in novativeness in the industry.

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