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Iam tired of people’s views on me

by laxman
September 4th, 2007

royVivek Oberoi has a birthday message for himself. It’s not important whether you succeed or fail in life, whats’s important is that you did your best. The beleaguered actor is determined to live by this belief from now on. Yes, he agrees that he has made several mistakes in his shortstint in Bollywood. He has stopped on many toes. Taken too many pangas with people. Earned considerable ill will. But he has also apologised to one and all and is trying to make up for his past wrong doing.

He talked about salman Khan. Ever since Vivek went public with their diagreement over Aishwarya Salmankhan has treated him like dirt. Vivek, Since then, has made several attempts to patch up, but the usually large hearted Salman hasn’t been able to forgive him. Recently, at an awards function, Vivek appealed to Salman from the stage with folded hands. Salman looked away. Many considered this as an act of desperation, but Vivek claims he is now able to go to sleep with a clear conscience.
He said of the incident, “i did what my heart felt was right at that time. I had publicly hurt Salman’s sentiments once, and how i’ve made up publicly. I was not putting up an act. I have done my bit. I know people are entitled to their views, but iam sick and tired of their views on me. I need some respite. iam looking forward to a new life.”
He is eagerly looking forward to life from now on. The success of Shootout At Lokhandwala after a slew of flops has lifted his spirits. “it’s been a landmark year. I have lerned from my mistakes. Today, I have no strings attached, no guilt to bog me down, I am a new man who is raring to go, ” he said, stretching his arms as if to embrace the horizon for his shoot for Hyderabad times. “i feel like a seven years old kid, fascinated by everything around, “Vivek added as some schoolgirls came up to him for autographs.

In Bollywood it is being said that for an actor who was looked upon as a talent to reckon with since his first film. Vivek evidently has lost focus on his work. He laughted, “who cares what happened in the past? the magic lies in the present. The ability to make others remembers us fondly or otherswise is within us. We are genies with magic lamps. Trust me, wish for good things, and you see it works. I have discovered this little secret.” It is true, things are loooking positive for Vivek at last. He’s in Apoorva Lakhia’s Mission Istanbul and also in Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout at Parliament, but is reluctant to talk about either project.

On the personal front, the actor is enjoying his single status that has noticeably increased his hot quotient among female fans. Recently, through Vivek was linked with Kim Sharma, Saif Ali Khan’s exRozza, and even the lanky Tabu, he clarified, ” i met Rozza while shooting for Omkara When she was seeing Saif. Recently i’ve bumped into her again a couple of times. That’s about it. Evey morning at the breakfast table at home, it gets difficult to meet my parents’ eyes after they have read something embarrassing about me in the newspapers. I am a single guy, but that does’t mean I should be linked with anyone who I say hello to. Yes, i’ve been dating young, unattached girls on and off, but it’s nothing serious.”
Is he ready to fall in love again after Aishwarya? “Love understands no rules. Relationships have their own destiny. I believe, someone special is waiting for me somewhere,” said Vivek.

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