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There no God in Yoga

by laxman
September 5th, 2007

Yoga Styles

Bhakti Yoga, Agni yoga, Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Mantra Yoga the list goes on and on. for most indians, the practice of yoga has almost become a way of life. A healthier life. Ahealtheier life. Yet, two churches in Britain have recently benned a group from conducting yoga classes,terming the ancient practice as ‘un-Christian’ and a ‘sham’.

Even though the practice did orginate in India centuries ago the word ‘yoga‘ is derived from the sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means to ‘unite’ the union being that of the individual with the Universal Spirit, or God). Does that make it more Hindu in ideology? In other words, does it make it ‘un-Christain’? Hyderabad Times gets yoga instructors and practitioners to stretch (pun intended) their imagination on this issue. Yoga guru and teacher to a host of celebrities, Bharat Thakur, maintains that yoga is a more holistic approach to life and has no religious learnings. “Just because electicity was discovered by a christain, is it wrong for a Hindu to use it?” asks Bharat. ” In fact, in yoga, there is no word called ‘God’,” said Thakur.

Actress Vidya Malavada (goalkeeper in the film Chak DE India), who is also a yoga instructor, is shocked at this ban. “The word ‘Yogacharya it self means ‘a way of living ‘. Yes, it originated from Sanskritphilosophy, but today, it’s popular across the world not because of its origins but because of its functionality. Just like you don’t need to learn Japanese to learn karatge, right?
Renowned spiritual leader, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, also regrets the ban. In a statement issued, he said, “It is unfortunate that even in the 21st centruy, superstition still prevails in some churches. This reminds me of an imam who issued a fatwa against TV, saying that Satan has entered television. Practices such as yoga which promote health and happiness can never b e against any true religion. Yoga has been diluted by many and marketed as a more physical exercise.” Staunch follower of yhogam actress Tisca Chopra, is also of the opinion that obnoy preudiced minds can think thi way and said, “Yoga promotes good health, not religious propaganda.1”

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