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A Search engine for all things gaming

by laxman
September 10th, 2007

googleSearch engines have been around for almost as long as the web. Infact, a search engine is pretty much an indispensable part of any user’s browsing experience.

Rare indeed is the surfer who does not get his or her browsing session underway by not visiting a search page-be it yahoo!, Google, MSN or Alta Vista. And when one needs any information, the first page one inevitably heads to is that of a search engine. All of which has made search engines extremely popular. Almost every major portal has either its own search engine or has tied up with one of the major search service providers. Search service providers. Search engines are also getting more speciallised, leading to the development of vertical search services that specialise in specific subjects, as opppsed to conventional horizontal search engines like Google, which allow users to serach for just about anything. So you have search engines specially designed for media, technology, dental products and well, even for gaming!

Searching gets a gaming touch perhaps the most prominent gaming search engine is Germany based Wazap( Not only is the engine designed specially for gamers, it even has some interactive components built comments and rating to games, for instance. Basically, a Wazap ! Visitor can opt to either search Wazap special database of gaming information for what he or she is seeking, or opt for searching the web. Obviously, the former option is faster and also features comments and ratings from Wazap community readers, wherever appllicable while the latter throws up more results. One can customise one’s search of Wazap game database based on genre and platform.

While the genre list is pretty much conventional the platforms are pretty extensive one can even search for Mac and Linux game information or for relatively older platforms like the Nintendo 64. The web search option is a trifle more restricted but one can still them up. and of course, if one wants to make one’s presense felt in the gaming world, one can always join the Wazap community. Doing so allows one to make comments on games save specific pages in one’s profile and allot rating to games in the site’s database. Registration, like the best things in life online, is free. Notwithstanding conventional wisdom that gaming is a niche segment, Wazap seems to be doing pretty well. The website is generating considerable traffic and the company raised $7.9 million in a second round of funding led by partech International, earlier this year. The company has also launched a browser search plugin, compatible with leading search engines Google, Yahoo! and MSN live.

While easily the most visible of all game search engines, Wazap! is not the only one. There are also the like of Game public and Game Spider And of course, there is every chance that the coming days will see game search verticals pop up too.So the next time you need some information on gaming, try a game search engine.Chances are that you will get better and more relevant results than you would on Google or Yahoo!.

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