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Ramayana has no scientific or historical basis

by laxman
September 13th, 2007

RAMThe great epic of Ramayana may have moved millions since civilisations took root, but for the Center, Valmiki’s immortal tale of Lord Ram lacks scientific and historical veracity.
“Valmiki Ramayan and Ramcharitmanas admittedly form ancient Indian literature, but these cannot be said to be historical records to incotrovertibly prove the existence of the characters and occurences of events depicted therein,” the Center said in an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court on Wendnesday, instantly setting the stage for a political showdown with Sangh Parivar.

The contention, which BJP attacked as blasphemy, forms part of the Centre’s opposition to the demand to stop the Sethusamudram project on the ground that it would destroy part of Adam’s bridge is one and the same as Ram Setu that was built by Lord Ram to get his army across to Lanka to rescue Sita from Ravana’s captivity. To buttress their poin, they have quoted Valmiki Ramayana which mentions Ram Setu.The politically fraught stance came up in the SC on a day when Vishwa Hindu parishad scaled up its opposition to the projects which has raised the hackles of environmentalists as well. In a huge mobilisation across several states, VHP cadre blocked traffic. While the protest earned the wrath of inconvenienced commuters, sangh Parivar and BJP drew vindication from the controversial argument put forward by the Central in the apex court. BJP spokesperson Ravishankar Prasad attacked centre’s stance, calling it a classic example of politics of appeasement.”it is an in sult to our cultural heritage and Hindu sentiments,” he said even as he asked whether Prime Minister Manmohan Singh could dare make similar assertions with regard to other faiths.

BJP also argued that the Centre, while doubting the historicity of Ramayana, had itself admitted that it had not carried out a study on the Ram Setu.While the Manmohan Singh government is under tremendous pressure from DMK to press ahead with the project in the face of resistance, doubts were being expressed whether the contents of the affidavit had been politically vetted. The element of surprise was because the Centre could have very well limited itself to the issue of just the Ram Setu instead of venturing into an opinion on the epic itself. Singnificantly, the ASI said it was aware of the deep religious importance attached to Valmiki Ramayana and Ramchritmanas That said , it went onto argue that it could use only scientific criteria to judge the claim that, Adam’s bridge is the same that, according to Ramayana, was built by Lord Ram.

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