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Kalam imparts words of wisdom

by laxman
September 28th, 2007

abdulWill you be the one to walk on Mars? will you be the one to contribute to bring down the cost of launch vehicles these and several other questions were posed to school students by former President, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam during a lively interaction he had with them at the ongoing International Astronautical Congress here on thursday.

Describing how Nobel laureates Sir C.V. Raman had valued science and S.Chandrasekhar had treated it as a life time mission, he told the space youth to dream and achieve their goals through hardwork. He referred to how a 13 year old girl, Shriya Dinakar from Banglore, met him on thursday and described to hime her ambition to land on Mars. Another girl in California had hardboured a similar dream and became part of the team that was developing a robotic rover at NASA Jet propulsion Laboratory for landing on marks.

Q&A session
Answering questions that ranged from the prospect of international rivarly in space to why he had not accepted the proposal to be the President for another term, he said that to achieve the dreams of the youth, laboratories should generate an environment conducive to scientific research.

Mr.kalam suggested that a science cadre should be created to generate jobs. To a question on the possibility of international rivalry in harvesting resources on the moon, he suggested that an international space Council should be set to deal with such problems.

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