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Gandhi silence cost Bhagats life

by laxman
October 1st, 2007

Bhagat SinghBhagat Singh niece Virendra Sindhu on Sunday insisted Mahatma Ganghi’s silence could have a role in her uncle being sent to the gallows. She was in the city to take part in Bhagat Singh centenary celebrations.

Responding to persistent queries of the media on Gandhi role in Bhagat Singh death sentence, Sindhu said Gandhi could have led the nation to agitate and put pressure on the governoment of the day to acquit Bhagat Singh, but he chose to maintain a stoic silence.
“But the larger question is whether Bhagat Singh would have accepted a new lease of life. He was not afraid of death. I feel he would not have been interested in saving himself,” she added.
Earlier, addressing students and youth at the birth centenary celebrations, organised by Shaheed Bhagat Singh Seva Samiti and Vandemataram Foundation, Virendra Sindhu said everyone should tackle hurdles in their own way to acquire knowledge and have derermination to excel just like Bhagat Singh.

“The last words of Bhagat Singh to my father were “To wipe off tears and go a head with education’,” she revelaled, adding” I ask student to go ahead in the path of determination which Bhagat Singh had shown them.”
In the midst of all gallant notes of the young crowd shouting ‘Vandemataram’, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Ki Jai’ and ‘Awaaz do hum ek hai’ Sindhu looked solemn but with great pride as she was escorted out. Youth from different parts of the city came to take a look at the great war hero niece. “To touch your hand is to feel Bhagat Singh passion. I promise you that I will follow his footsteps,” said an enthusiastic youth from the city. Many youngsters tried to meet Sindhu out of admiration for the hero.

“I am honoured with the response. This is young India’s love for Bhagat Singh. Even if they forget their own name, they will not forget Bhagat Singh sacrifice,” Sindhu told TOI.Kargil War heroes and Param Vir hakra holders Grenadier Yogender Yadav and rifleman Sanjay Kumar also participated in the celebrations. “I never thought my contribution to the country was great.

We have people like Bhagat Singh who gave up their life for the country. All i did was just shed some of my blood,” yogender Yadav said, amidst an enthusiastic crowd shouting ‘Bharath mata ki Jai’.Yadav was severely wounded in the kargil War, but had alerted other Indian army units about the impending attack.

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