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Development in Education

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November 26th, 2008

Now there are wide number of educational schools and children’s services which cover education, childcare, social care, children’s services, adult learning and the skills sector.
Ms Gilbert says that despite many improvement in the schools and children’s services the rate of changes is too slow and many vulnerable children were being “let down” by the system due to poor quality provision and poor services.

The annual report of education says that achievement gap between pupils on free school meals and other people stayed same and in the year 2007 only 21% achieved the equivalent of five good GCSEs including English and maths, compared with 49% of other pupils. Overall there is much variation in the areas and there is a poor quality provisions.

The schools overall inspected this year is as follows

Primary: 13% outstanding, 50% good, 33% satisfactory, 4% inadequate
Secondary: 17% outstanding, 40% good, 34% satisfactory, 9% inadequate
Special schools: 26% outstanding, 54% good, 18% satisfactory, 2% inadequate
Pupil referral units: 7% outstanding, 55% good, 30%satisfactory, 7% inadequate.

The co-ordinated protection act has made several changes and improvements in schools.

Since 2005-2006 there are significant as well as sustained improvements in school standards with a rise of five percentage points in the proportion of grading which are good or outstanding in schools.

The government is also working to close the achievement gap between poorer children and other and improving more on free school meals. It is inspected that there are rising expectations on Secondary schools and colleges that there are rising number which is graded as good or outstanding in their education in near future.

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