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Good Presentation

by admin
November 29th, 2008

Presentation should have a purpose to achieve a goal and one has to work towards to achieve a goal. Presentation is mainly divided into 3 parts they are introduction, body and conclusion. Most important is finding the relevant information what we want to include in the presentation.

A good presentation must have the following steps:-

  • First decide the goal i.e., plan and prepare.
  • Identify the audience.
  • Structure and format only relevant information.
  • Use visual aids through visual effect and animation.
  • Prepare yourself before presenting the topic and be confident while speaking.

Structure will help to organize things in a systematic format no need to put all your thoughts in the slides but it is a good idea to put in the pointers and then elaborate the topic and then explain them verbally. One has to identify your audience first and the audience feels comfortable, understandable and more interactive.

Use relevant information and use visual support that adds value to the presentation and try to handle the queries of the audience. It’s always a good idea to rehearse before you make the final presentation. You have only one chance to woo your audience, so a rehearsal can help you to solve queries and will not feel nervous or shy talking in front of an audience.

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